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Why are Indians hypocrites?

Well, the heading might sound controversial. The content may be controversial too, but not as much as the topic, I believe 🙂

Hypocrisy meterRecently a friend of mine was saying that the problem with the Indian education system is that they teach you solutions without letting you experiment with the problems. I’m trying to add my points to it and apply the same for Indian culture. Without understanding the problem, one cannot appreciate the solution. Neither can one distinguish between actual solutions and crappy work-arounds.

Applying the same arguments to Indian culture and moral system seems perfectly valid to me. Long long ago, so long ago, some people (including the so called God) have written down the solutions to all human problems. And we are bound to follow it. If you question the validity of those ‘solutions’, or even if you try to understand the problems they are trying to solve, it’s a “sin” (remember the scene from 3 idiots where the student is sent out of class for questioning the norms?).

For those who could appreciate the student in the movie scene, questioning the culture seems so intolerable. If you do something just because you have been repeatedly told that’s the only way forward, at some point or the other your mind will question the validity of that approach. After some time, you will ‘regret’ for such thoughts and keep trying to follow what has been ‘taught’. But you will never be able to follow it completely because you never understood the essence of it. So what do you do? Either be in the comfort zone of hypocrisy, or be bold enough to follow only those for which you have logical reasoning. Unfortunately, most of my fellow citizens chose the first option, making life harder for those choosing the second one (including me) 🙁